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I am a resident of South Milwaukee for many years, I am an elderly person. As a result of heart problems, I need to walk everyday to keep my health.

One day I was on a walk, and I found myself needing to use the bathroom very badly. I walked into this USW LLocal 1343 building and ask the secretary if I could use the bathroom, and she said yes. So I did. Then I left.

As I was walking down the street, this irate scary-looking man came marching out of the building, there on Milwaukee Ave., and started shouting at me, "ARE YOU A MEMBER OF THIS UNION !!!!", over and over again. I was so scared because I am a weak old man of 73 years old.

This guy was real scary to me, his hands were clenched as he was sreaming in my face. Then he pushed me to the ground and started yelling profanities at me. I was crying and this thug started kicking me.

I have been so scared that I will ever see him again I have moved to Kenosha. I feel so violated. I think the blond secretary put him up to that.

Review about: Shake Downs.


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I don't believe that happened...what I do find to be bull is that with negotiations going on, I don't know a *** thing that is going info, could be closing the doors Wednesday, and we have no idea....they can all move out, I don't care anymore


I'm that union that did this.So what file a complaint see if I care.

That's what I thought.

You are idiots thinking that 73 year man knows how to use a computer and if you believe I did this, it just shows that you will believe this story.

This obviously didn't!!!!!!!!!!!


Typical behavior of the pond *** union members down there in South Milwaukee.But I think you are actually better off living in Kenosha, it is a much better city, don't you think?

South Milwaukee is largely populated with semi-retarded block heads that have zero class.

Mostly drunks, jerks and probably half of them are child abusers.Just sayin.


This should come as no surprise to anyone, the unions are packed with criminals and losers.They don't seem to understand the concept of free market.

If a worker is worth what they are getting paid, then if they are unsatisfied with the pay they receive they should find a job somewhere else, and if they are worth what they are getting paid, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?But these union criminals shake down the good businesses which are actually largely supported by the actual skills of highly educated professionals, not the union pond *** that does nothing but complain instead of opening a book and getting some actual skills.


obviously you should file a complaint with the local police. But, aside from that, this is just a typical union thug doing his typical threatening behavior to an old man.

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